OmniDocs is an Enterprise Document Management system for creating, capturing, managing, delivering, and archiving large volumes of documents and content. OmniDocs handles scanned document images, electronic documents, emails, and electronic data output from other applications with equal efficiency and ease. OmniDocs supports Image Enablement that integrates existing applications with the Document Management System. Image-enabled Web applications enable linking of documents involved in the transaction and allows user to view them through the existing application with a single key-stroke. OmniDocs Record Manager takes care of complete record lifecycle including requisition, storage, movement and disposition of records.

Key Features of UserDesktop:
Complete Information Management by enabling users to create Folders for hierarchical storage of documents.
Permissibility to apply Annotations on Image and Electronic documents
Strong Index based and Full text search for both image and non-image documents.
Document CheckIn, CheckOut, Auto versioning and Adhoc routing for collaborative working.
Seamless acquisition of Electronic documents from MS Office Applications.
Supports viewing image documents though an Image Viewer Applet.
Comprehensive document and folder reports based on predefined criteria

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